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Gov’t Mule delivered a guest-heavy second performance of Island Exodus 2020 on Monday at Jewel Paradise Cove Resort in Runaway Bay, Jamaica. The band started with their second themed set in as many nights and welcomed a bevy of guests including members of My Morning Jacket, Hot Tuna and North Mississippi Allstars.

After beginning the event with an “Animal” set on Sunday, the quartet and their guests played songs with genders in the title and a few odes to the devil. Gov’t Mule opened with a run of “Railroad Boy,” “Mr. Big,” “Mr. High & Mighty,” “Bad Man Walking,” “Inside Outside Woman Blues” and “Streamline Woman.” Next came “Girl With No Self-Esteem” and then Ron Holloway added to “Devil Likes It Slow” before Luther Dickinson and Cody Dickinson joined Mule and the saxophonist to end the frame with a debut cover of Alex Chilton’s “Devil Girl” and their beloved rendition of Traffic’s “Low Spark Of High Heeled Boys.”

Last night’s second set got underway with a “Broke Down On The Brazos” that led into a “Tributary Jam.” Gov’t Mule was then joined by Hot Tuna — consisting of guitarist Jorma Kaukonen, bassist Jack Casady and drummer — for their first cover of Bob Dylan’s “Knockin’ On Heaven’s Door” since February 9, 2002 and the Mule debut of the Grateful Dead’s “Mister Charlie.” From there, the core quartet offered “Time To Confess” before bringing Holloway back for “Thelonius Beck” and ending the set with “Thorazine Shuffle.”

Gov’t Mule wasn’t done with the rarities yet, as they brought out My Morning Jacket guitarist Carl Broemel for their first take on Radiohead’s “Lucky” since April 24, 2017 and just seventh version of the tune from OK Computer in the past decade. Broemel and Tyler Ramsey then contributed to the “Sad & Deep” finale. Carl and Tyler played a late-night set after Mule’s performance and teamed with Warren Haynes for Pink Floyd’s “Fearless.” Watch video from Monday in Jamaica below:

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