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Excited to share with you all “Make It Rain” off our upcoming album Heavy Load Blues. This is our own spin on the Tom Waits classic. Listen in full here:

During the recording of the song “Make It Rain,” we hit on a happy accident that occurred as we were laying down the track, an unexpected element that actually helped enhance the song’s determined and defiant delivery. Haynes elaborates:

“I had brought in this old Fender spring reverb unit that I wanted to use on my guitar sound,” he recalls. “They can be pretty finicky. If the stage isn’t solid, or somebody’s jumping up and down, it reacts by making this crazy reverb vibration that comes through the amp. I had intentionally set it up on the studio floor to make it kind of shockproof, but what we didn’t allow for was some radio frequencies that randomly interfered and set it off. So, it started making these weird sounds that sounded like thunder. We were in the middle of what turned out to be the best take, and it began doing that throughout the whole thing. As it turned out, it happened in these key spots in the song. For example, the first time I say ‘make it rain,’ it went off. We’re all looking at each other and kind of halfway laughing and halfway wondering, ‘are we gonna be able to take that out? Because it was a really good take.’ When we were finished, John Paterno, the engineer and co-producer, said, ‘Why don’t you come in here and listen?’ When I walked in, my first question was, are we gonna be able to use it with all that noise? And he said, ‘Oh, we have to use it!’ It actually sounded like we planned it that way.”

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