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Released: 04.24.12
Stax Records

CD Disc One

  1. Man In Motion
  2. River’s Gonna Rise
  3. Sick of My Shadow
  4. A Friend To You
  5. On A Real Lonely Night
  6. Invisible
  7. Take A Bullet
  8. Hattiesburg Hustle
  9. Everyday Will Be Like A Holiday

CD Disc Two

  1. Frozen Fear
  2. Dreaming The Same Dream
  3. Pretzel Logic
  4. Fire In The Kitchen
  5. A Change Is Gonna Come
  6. Spanish Castle Magic
  7. WHB Intro >
  8. Tear Me Down
  9. Your Wildest Dreams
  10. Soulshine


  1. Intro >
  2. Man In Motion
  3. River’s Gonna Rise
  4. Sick of My Shadow
  5. A Friend To You
  6. On A Real Lonely Night
  7. Power & The Glory
  8. Take A Bullet
  9. Hattiesburg Hustle
  10. Everyday Will Be Like A Holiday
  11. Frozen Fear
  12. Dreaming The Same Dream
  13. Pretzel Logic
  14. Fire In The Kitchen
  15. A Change Is Gonna Come
  16. Spanish Castle Magic
  17. WHB Intro >
  18. Tear Me Down
  19. Your Wildest Dreams
  20. Soulshine
  21. Patchwork Quilt (Soundcheck)
  22. Hattiesburg Hustle (Rehearsal)

Warren Haynes Band is Warren Haynes, Ron Holloway, Ron Johnson, Terence Higgins, Nigel Hall & Alecia Chakour

Ian McLagan – Kayboards on “Take A Bullet”, “Hattiesburg Hustle”, “Everyday Will Be Like A Holiday”

Grooveline Horns on “Man In Motion”, “Take A Bullet” & “A Change is Gonna Come”

Grooveline Horns are:
Carlos Sosa – Saxophone
Fernando Castillo – Trumpet
Reggie Watkins – Trombone

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